Professional ​Organizing For Home And Office 



  • It starts with a phone conversation where we will be happy to answer any questions and provide information about the organizing process and your goals.
  • We follow-up with a consultation and assessment.  You let us know what is working and what is not.
  • Based on our assessment, we create an specific action plan and make recommendations for changes.


  • Follow-up and review to make sure systems are effective and re-assessment as needed.

​​​​​Your first step in helping establish a more peaceful and organized life


  • Hands on assistance with systemic steps to reach goals.
  • Sort.
  • Release sell or donate what no longer is needed or wanted.
  • Give your belongings a home.
  • Purchase/installation/oversight of products, if needed.

Home, work, family....

In today's busy world it's easy to become overwhelmed.  We at JG Spacemakers are here to simplify, calm and make the changes you need to design the life you want.  Creating an organized space or a system that flows is extremely meaningful.  It decreases anxiety, gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and improves producivity.